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작성자 KCSE Date 2013-10-01 Hits 3277
첨부파일1 01_EASE Structure and Organization 2013.pdf
첨부파일2 02_Introduction to apame_haewon kim.pdf
첨부파일3 03_KCSE-Komang.pdf
첨부파일4 04_Qiu.pdf
첨부파일5 05_(Sawamoto) Lecture Slides.pdf
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Aims: To discussion the possiblity of the science editors' organization in Asia

Specific goals
1) Attendees should be able to explain the organization structure and role of EASE
2) Attendees should be able to describe the current scientific journal status
    meetings in China, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea.
3) Attendees should be able to the explain the establishment process
    of the Asian Pacific Medical Journal Editors.
4) Attendees should be able to express the opinion on the possibility
    or road map to Asian science editors’ organization.



[Session 1] International organization


Opening ceremony
Welcome address
Intfoduction to atteendees

Jung-Il Jin
(President of KCSE)
Sun Huh


The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) structure
and organization

Joan Marsh(EASE)


Introduction to Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors (APAME)

Hae Won Kim(Korea)


Lunch at the restaurant

[Session 2] Scientific journals in Asian country Chair: Kihong Kim


Current status of science journals in China

Shilun Qiu(China)


Current status of scientific journals in Indonesia

Komang Gede Wiryawan(Indonesia)


Current status of science journals in Japan

Mitsuo Sawamoto(Japan)


Current status of scientific journals in Korea and
the government's policy to support scientific journals publication

Sun Huh(Korea)


History of the Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE)
& its achievements

Hyungsun Kim(Korea)

[Session 3] General discussion Chair: Jong Kyu Ha


Opinions from attendees


Opinions from a variety of Asian science editors


Closing remark

Jong Kyu Ha(Vice president of KCSE)

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