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The 8th Editors' workshop
작성자 KCSE Date 2013-04-26 Hits 707
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Topic: What should scholarly journal editors understand for internationalization of scholarly journal?

Workshop objectives
By the end of the workshop participants should be able to:
1. Evaluate their journal's competitiveness in the digital environment
2. Understand what drives authors to publish and how they can be encouraged to submit good work
3. Analyse different peer review methods to ensure good quality control and author services
4. Ensure that they are publishing what authors want to read and cite
5. Develop a plan to increase journal visibility
6. Improve the chances of being indexed




Opening remark

Jong Kyu Ha(Vice president, KCSE)


Introduction to Pippa Smart

Myung-Soon Kim(ETRI)


Global publishing: What is happening - business, technology,
the impact of globalization and the effect of research

Pippa Smart(PSP Consulting)


Authors and peer review: What authors want, how to encourage good submissions, peer review and quality control

Pippa Smart(PSP Consulting)




Readers: What they want, how to encourage citation

Pippa Smart(PSP Consulting)


Visibility and indexing: How to raise journal visibility
and improve the chances of indexing

Pippa Smart(PSP Consulting)


General discussion


Self evaluation of workshop and the evaluation on workshop

Myung-Soon Kim(ETRI)


Closing remark

Jong Kyu Ha

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