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Asian Science Editors’ Conference and Workshop 2014
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Asian Science Editors’ Conference and Workshop 2014


Organized by
Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE)
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)

Supported by
Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST)
The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA)


Date : 2014. 07. 02 ~ 2014. 07. 04. 
Venue : Auditorium, The Korea Science & Tecnology Center,22 Teheran-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea



General Goal
Asian science editors should be able to communicate with each other to promote
their journals and adopt international norms of science publishing

Specific Objectives
After completing all courses of the conference and its following workshop, attendees should be able
1. To explain the present situation of scientific journals of his/her countries
2. To describe the goal of their journals at the international journal market
3. To make strategies to promote their journals
4. To apply new international norms in journal publishing
5. To discuss effective strategies to promote fruitful interactions among Asian science editors
     including the launch of Asian Council of Science Editors


Wednesday 2 July, 2014 (Conference)

Opening Ceremony

Opening remark: President of KCSE 
Congratulatory address: Presiendent of KOFST
Session Ⅰ Current situation of scientific journals in Asian countries
Session Ⅱ Poster presentation and discussion
Session Ⅲ

Introduction to national or international editors' organizations
     Council of Science Editors (CSE)
     European Council of Science Editors (EASE)
     Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE)
Session Ⅳ

How to increase the visibility of Asian journals
     Google scholar
     Open or free access full text database:ScienceCentral, PubMed Central
General discussion  
Closing remarks

Thusday 3 July, 2014 (Workshop) Moderator: Sun Huh, Chair of Committee on Planning and Administration, KCSE

08:30-09:00    Registration
09:00            Opening remark

CrossRef session (Chair: Jong Kyu Ha, President,  KCSE)
09:00-09:50   Present service of CrossRef: DOI, CrossCheck, CrossMark, FundRef
                   - Rachael Lammey, CrossRef
09:50-10:00   Q&A
10:10-10:50   Future plan by CrossRef: Text and data mining, and other sevices
                   - Rachael Lammey, CrossRef
10:50-11:00   Q&A

Development of journal brand (Chair: Hyungsun Kim, Vice president, KCSE)
11:10-11:40   Experience of management of society journal by socierty itself
                   - Jeong Tae Kim, Editor of Archives of Plastic Surgery
11:40-11:50   Q&A
12:00-13:30   Lunch
13:30-14:20   Development of brand
                   - Eun-Jeong Cho, Executive Director of Marketing of Samsung Electronics
14:20-15:10   Practice of development of journal brand
                   - Eun-Jeong Cho, Executive Director of Marketing of Samsung Electronics
15:10-15:20   Q&A
                                                (Chair: Sang Wook Yi, Chair of Committee on External Affairs, KCSE)
15:30-16:20   Developing journals by international commercial company
                   - Simon Goudie, Journal pubilishing manager of Wiley Asia
16:20-16:30   Q&A
16:40-17:10   Experience of using CrossCheck
                   - Jaeseok Choi, ex-Editor of Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology

Friday 4 July, 2014 (Workshop) Moderator: Sun Huh, Chair of Committee on Planning and Administration, KCSE

08:30-09:00   Registration
09:00-09:04   Introduction to speaker

Journal development: strategic development for journal managers

09:05-10:00   The big picture: globalization of research and publishing, access models? Implications of repositories and 
                   different systems, the influence of non-traditional publishers? Removing the middleman? Data and journals?
                   Pressure to include and exclude, technology, innovation and new services? Who is pushing whom?
                    - Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting
10:00-10:10   Q&A
10:20-11:10   Partnerships and collaboration: contracts, implications, advantages and disadvantages
                   - Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting
11:10-11:20   Q&A
11:30-12:10   Building on strengths and weaknesses: how to identify and resolve weaknesses
                   before they become problematic
                    - Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting
12:20-13:50   Lunch
13:50-14:40   Journal development strategies: list management and title management, new titles? Acquiring
                   and launching, closing and selling journals
                   - Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting
14:40-14:50   Q&A
16:00-16:20   General discussion
16:20-16:30   Survey for evaluation of workshop
16:30            Closing remark

Call for papers for poster presentation

Deadline of abstract submission: May 15 2014
Abstracts should be sent to Ms. Eun Jeong Kim, Secretary of KCSE (


Format of abstract

Title, author, affiliation and structured abstract (purpose, methods, results, conclusion). 
Length of abstract should be equal to or less than 250 words in English. Recommended file format is RTF, DOCX.

Topics of abstract are as followings but not limited to:
     Situation of scientific journals at the country level
     Policy of journal editing
     Data mining on the editing and publishing
     Systematic review on medical journal publishing and editing
     Research ethics and medical ethics including clinical registration, statement of human and animal health protection,
        and conflict of interest
     Publication ethics: Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, duplicate publication, and authorship
     Legal issue in journal publishing
     Peer review process
     Reporting guideline for medical journals
     Medical and scientific literature databases
     Advanced information technology applicable to journal editing and publishing including PubMed Central schema,
        journal article tag suite schema, digital object identifier, crossmark, fundref, orcid, datacite, QR code, and app 
     International standard of journal editing and publishing including International Committee of Medical Journal
        Editors’ recommendation
     Reference styles including Vancouver style, Citing Medicine, APA style, IEEE style, and ACS style
     Digital publishing in the web and app
     Education and training of editors, reviewers, and authors
     Manuscript editing
     Journal evaluation
     Bibliometrics and scientometrics
     Finance of journal publishing
     History of scholarly journal
     Copyright and creative commons license
     Open access and public access approaches



Abstract format  for Asian science editors’ Conference



Gil-Dong Hong1,   Yeong Hee Kim2



1Department   of 000, △△△ University, Seoul, Korea; 2College of □□□, ○○○ University,   Busan, Korea



Abstract (Less than 250 words, Structured abstract [purpose,   methods, results, conclusion]. Times New Roman, Size 10)



Keywords (up to 5 keywords)


Correspondence to Gil-Dong Hong   (Corresponding author name)
gdhong@△△△ (Corresponding author’s email address)


Gil-Dong Hong (Author name) (Author’s ORCID Number)

Yeong Hee Kim  



Deadline: May 15, 2014
Estimated Number of attendees: 80 
Eligibility of attendee: Editor, managing editor, manuscript editor, staff of society, engineer who deals with journal, regardless of the fields
(science, technology, medicine, social science, and humanity) 
Registration fee: Includes break meal, lunch, syllabus for three days
     KCSE Members: 200,000 KRW
     Non-members: 600,00 KRW (Able to receive member benefits by joining KCSE membership)
Waiver of the registration fee: Registration fee for all Asian editors besides of Korea will be supported by sponsoring organization
(Korean Federation of Science Editors)
How to register: Please fill out the attached form and send it to Secretary of KCSE. Payment should be done after the registration to: Bank account



Recommended accommodation: Hoam Faculty House (
Further information about accommodations in Seoul (


Contact Information

Eun Jeong Kim
Korean Council of Sciecne Editors (KCSE)
The Korea Science & Technology Center 2nd floor,
22 Teheran-ro 7-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL: +82-2-3420-1390 FAX: +82-2-563-4931
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