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EASE course and event
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1. EASE Editorial School for Journal Editors 

We are running our Editorial School for Journal Editors during November (2, 9, 16 and 23). The course is held over four weeks, with one module each week, and is aimed at helping editors make their journals more visible, impactful, and full of engaging material. The four modules are summarised in the brochure, and will include these topics:

  • improve the quality of editorial processes;
  • manage ethical issues effectively;
  • enhance the efficiency of peer review and production processes;
  • support more successful promotional activities; comply with international standards, and
  • increase the chances of successful indexing applications.

The training will be led by Pippa Smart, Past-President of EASE, founder of PSP Consulting, and Editor-in-Chief of Learned Publishing. This course is particularly suitable for those in the early stages of their careers as an editor but will benefit members of all experiences, involved in managing or planning journals.

2. Free and open to all events 

1) 12 October 2022, 1pm UK time

EASE/HESI UN Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact Survey workshop

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2) 18 October 2022, 1pm UK time
The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research – with Elisabeth Bik
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3. Recently hosted a Panel Discussion for PRW2022 in conjunction with UKRIO

‘How can peer review support research integrity?’ It was a very lively discussion with lots of questions and thought provoking comments.
The recording of the session is now freely available on the EASE YouTube channel. Please follow the link to view.

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