Board of directors

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Honorary President Jung-Il Jin, Ph.D.
President Hyungsun Kim, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Vice President Sun Huh, M.D. (2017-2019)
Auditor Soonwon Hong, M.D. (2017-2019)
Ho Jeong Kwon, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on Planning and Administration, Chairperson Eun Seong Hwang, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on Education and Training, Chairperson Soo Young Kim, M.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on Publication Ethics, Chairperson Cheol-Heui Yun, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on Information Management, Chairperson Tae-Sul Seo, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on Publication, Chairperson Kihong Kim, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on External Affairs, Chairperson Jaeseok Choi, Ph.D. (2017-2019)
Committee on Manuscript Editing, Chairperson Hye-Min Cho, M.A. (2017-2019)